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At Crosswinds Dental, the overall health and well being of our patients and team members is our #1 priority. We understand the concern and worry about the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we want our patients to know that we take every possible precaution to minimize the spread and assure safety in our office.

We are happy to be back and gradually seeing patients again! At Crosswinds Dental, we have always had PPE and disinfection protocols in place to protect our patients, as well as, our team.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented a few additional measures to ensure our patients and teams safety.  The following describes our current protocols in place, but these are subject to change if necessary.  We are constantly following and going above and beyond the recommendations of the CDC, ODA, ADA, and CDA.

Patients are called 24 hours before their scheduled appointment and asked a series of questions relating to COVID-19.  These questions address possible exposure to COVID-19 and if any signs of illness are currently present with the patient.  If there is any uncertainty, we will reschedule the patient out at least 14 days to be safe.  When patients arrive for their scheduled appointment, they are asked to call us from the parking lot.  We, again, ask them a series of questions regarding COVID-19 exposure and any signs of current illness.  We let the patients know when they can enter the building so that we can monitor the flow of patients and limit interaction as much as possible.  Once permitted to enter the building, patients are to wear a mask upon entering and we immediately take their temperature with a touchless forehead thermometer.  If the temperature is 100.4 or higher, we will not see the patient and we will recommend they see their primary care physician.  If the patient is able to be seen, they are given our COVID-19 pandemic consent and once signed, they are escorted to their room.   Our administrative team are wearing masks at all times and are disinfecting all items touched in the reception area, such as counter, pens, etc. with a medical grade disinfectant.  Our medical grade disinfectant is on the approved EPA list for killing the Human Coronavirus.

Clinical team members are wearing surgical gowns &/or long sleeve lab jackets with hair coverings.  Depending on the procedure being performed, KN95 masks &/or level 3 masks are being worn along with safety glasses &/or face shields.  During procedures that produce more aerosols, we are using our high volume evacuation systems to minimize the aerosols in the office.  All chairs are at least 6 feet apart from one another and all rooms are cleaned with medical grade disinfectant between patients allowing the appropriate kill time.  Patients are escorted from the treatment rooms at separate times to minimize interaction with other patients.

Your safety is our top priority!  If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to call the office.  We hope to ease the mind and allow our patients to feel comfortable visiting us.  Oral health is a window to overall health and wellness.  One of our main jobs is to decrease inflammation which can make you more susceptible to other illnesses.  Our goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy!!